Financial Planning Classes

Financial Planning Classes

This single session course and panel discussion covers the core tenants of personal and small business finance including life insurance, investing, setting appropriate goals and retirement savings. This course assumes no previous knowledge or experience and is appropriate for those of all comfort levels.

Topics covered include:

  • How to read a balance sheet and income statement (also called a Profit and Loss or P&L report)
  • How a credit score is calculated
  • The information lenders consider when you apply for a loan
  • The difference between stocks that pay dividends those that don’t
  • Investing with index funds and other products
  • The mortgage process, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and mortgage-backed securities
  • How to calculate payments on amortizing loans

Financial Planning Classes are currently being scheduled.  Please check our general community classes page for updates on scheduled classes.

Instructors Wanted – PABA is always expanding our educational offerings and draws on our membership, when qualified, to help provide instruction to the Pennsylvania Community.  If you are interested in becoming an instructor, presenter or panelist, please let us know.  (PLEASE NOTE: our classes are professional instructional sessions; they are not sales pitches for any one business.)   Most needed subject areas: Financial Planning, Social Media Marketing, and Sales Prospecting.